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Features of Linux

  1. Multiple users can log in and work on the system at the same time with each users having their own home directory for storing files and their own desktop interface. This concept is called multiuser.

  2. User accounts can be password protected, so that users can control who has access to their application and data.

  3. In Linux it is possible to run many programs at the same time. This concept is called multitasking. This concept makes Linux possible to work as a server.

  4. Linux needs a driver, a piece of software that interfaces between the Linux kernel and the hardware. In Linux we can configure support for almost every type of hardware device.

  5. Linux offers support for variety of LAN cards, modems, serial devices and different protocols of network like IPX, X.25, TCP/IP etc.

  6. A variety of software packages are available that enable us to use Linux as a print server, file server, FTP server, mail server, web server or workgroup (DHCP or NIS) server which thus enables providing network services to the client computers.

  7. Most of the Linux distros are free. It can be freely downloaded and legally installed on as many computers as we want and freely (and legally) given to other people. This concept is called open source. Unlike Windows, Linux is easy to install as well.
  8. As most of the distros of Linux are open source we can access to the source code and can customize Linux to be whatever we want it to be; and can even create our own distro if we like.
  9. Linux systems rarely crash and it is less vulnerable to computer malware.

  10. Linux is normally formatted using ext4, so  there is no need to defragment a Linux hard drive. Unlike Windows which is formatted in NTFS needs to be defragmented on regular basis for fast performance. So, Linux does not slow over time.

  11. Linux comes in all sizes and flavors, which offers a wide variety from which to choose the distro which will best suit our needs.

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