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Distros in Linux

We often hear of the term distro in Linux. It is called distro in shortcut. Its full form is Linux distribution. It is an operating system based on Linux Kernel and package management system. Users can download any distributions of Linux ranging from personnel computers to powerful super computers.

Linux distributions consists of Linux kernel, GNU tools and libraries, softwares, documentation, a window system, a window manager, and a desktop environment. Most of the softwares are free and open source whereas some could be proprietory.

Linux distributions comes in variety of forms such as for the use of desktops, servers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets, embedded systems etc. Some of the best Linux Distros are listed below:

  1. OpenSUSE Linux
  2. Ubuntu Linux
  3. Fedora Linux
  4. Mageia Linux
  5. PureOS Linux
  6. Sabayon Linux
  7. Linux Mint
  8. ZevenOS Linux
  9. Arch Linux
  10. Back Track Linux
  11. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  12. Slackware Linux
  13. Debian Linux
  14. CentOS Linux

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